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Pansies: a great choice for fall color

Want to add a splash of color to your garden this fall? Pansies are the way to go.

Fall is when many gardeners turn their attention to planting herbs and vegetables. But cool-season flowers like pansies and snapdragons offer a wonderful way to bring some vibrant color to your outdoor settings, too. In this post, we'll briefly discuss why you might consider adding pansies to your fall gardening plans.

Improvements in modern varieties

Many people are unaware that the varieties of pansies available today are significant improvements over those offered in previous years. Specifically:

  • They are better able to handle our transitional weather patterns. In the past, if temperatures rose into the 80s (or higher) in the fall--or if they plummeted enough for an early frost--we would have expected to see our pansies suffering pretty badly. But newer varieties like the Delta series have a more uniform growth habit and a longer growing window. So they're very robust and highly weather-tolerant.

  • The bloom more heavily. With modern varieties, it isn't uncommon for plants to exhibit more blooms than leaves! They're simply magnificent producers when properly cared for.

Good preparation is critical

Of course, like all plants, pansies thrive with consistent care and the right combination of soil nutrients. If you're considering adding pansies (or other fall colors like snapdragons) to your garden this season, be sure to prepare your soil accordingly. In addition to adding compost or other organic material, we highly recommend fertilizing at planting time with Nelson Color Star, a product that lasts for three full months. It's an incredible blend of just the right amount of bone and blood meal, along with other high-quality ingredients to produce larger, brighter, and more beautiful blooms all season long. It also helps fortify your plants for better weather tolerance so that they stay brighter for longer into the season.

Be sure to stop by the nursery regularly throughout the season to browse the different color varieties we're getting in this time of year. The fall is a prime time for planting not just your cool-season bloomers, but also many springtime wildflowers. And as always, our crew will gladly help you select just what you need.


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