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Growing something special

The story of Giddings Nursery & Garden Center begins over a decade ago with its sister company across the street, Carmine Feed & Fertilizer. When owners Lane and Robyn Jacob decided to add a modest lawn and garden department to their Giddings feed store location, they never dreamed that customers would quickly turn it into their preferred local hub for live plants and gardening know-how.

Over the years, the department would undergo a significant expansion, growing a little more each season. As we began developing partnerships with some of the most reputable local growers, we expanded our inventory and began staffing our department with horticultural specialists who could advise our customers not only on what plants to grow, but also how to keep them healthy and thriving here in our native Central Texas soil. We became something of a household name in Lee County, and many of our most loyal customers would line up anytime a fresh shipment of plants arrived, eager to take home something green and colorful.

Eventually, it became clear that it was time for the "department" to become its own store. And in the spring of 2022, Giddings Nursery & Garden Center was born!

Today, we pride ourselves on being Lee County's premier destination for live flowering plants, trees and shrubs, garden herbs and vegetables, bulk mulches and soil, and all of the supplies you need to grow your perfect outdoor oasis. We believe in supporting area growers, so we source our plants from as close to home as possible. We also believe in hometown hospitality and good, old-fashioned customer service. Stop by soon and let us take care of you!

Meet Our TEAM

Our people are passionate about plants! Just look for someone in a red shirt the next time you visit, and we'll be glad to help you find what you're looking for!

Want to join us?

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